'Cellfie' of the month, Guest blog

Guest blog: ‘Cellfie’ of the month. The Dopaminergic Neuron.

Shown good the bad and the ugly of embryonic stem cells

Explaimed that they need feeding every day to keep them happy but when they are unhappy their default is to turn into neurons or a type of brain cell

Ive noticed recently that the odd colony of stem cells amongst my tower of cell culture plates had started to sprout these projections. Why? Because my stem cells were unhappy and started to differentiate into neurons.

This gave me an idea. Feel like Ive shown you all there is to show about embryonic stem cells and what they look like. So as I saw these neuronal projections coming from the odd colony I thought it would be good to rope an expert in to tell you more about neurons specifically dopaminergic neurons.


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