In the Media

The great thing about writing a science blog is that you get to meet and interact with a whole new community of scientists, which leads to more collaborations and public engagement about scientists and their research. I’ve been lucky to have been featured on a series of other blogs and campaigns which I thought I could collect on this page.

More links coming very soon 🙂


January 2017 – Interview with Sophie from Soph talks Science by A Pulgarita

Catia is a proud Portuguese girl who is also a stem cell scientist like me! She writes a blog called A Pulgarita which covers a load of her different passions but mainly science and travel. I was delighted when she asked me to do an interview for her blog as I love it so much. So if you want to see more about the chat we had talking PhD life, stem cells, travel and more follow the link here.



February 2017 – Winner of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s Stem Cell Resolution campaign 2017

CIRM started this campaign in January 2017 to raise awareness for the importance of stem cell research where they challenged scientists, students and the public to make a resolution and share it on social media platforms. Read their write up about the campaign and the 2017 winners here and read my Stem Cell Resolution blog post.


March 2017 – Soph talks science featured on #SciCommLive: Episode 1 with Dr Mike

Dr Mike is a keen scicomm-er from Ireland. He hosts a scicomm podcast with other scicomm-ers from all across the world and from all different fields. Dr Mike is also promoting the work of other science bloggers alike but with his new venture he wanted to bring those science blogs to you LIVE!  To hear my blog being featured follow this link.


April 2017 – Guest blog for Lets Talk Academia – The lab-based PhD survival guide. Volumes 1 & 2.

I wrote a guest blog about surviving a lab-based PhD for Emily at Let’s Talk Academia; a positive and open space sharing tips and advice from all different aspects of postgraduate life. If you have some advice or something to contribute then please contact Emily. It is well worth getting involved with and sharing your experience to help someone else out.

Read Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here.